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Government Funds HGV Driver Trailblazer Apprenticeship

There’s no denying that there has been a shortage of 45,000 drivers in the HGV industry. This shortage has caused chaos for retailers, as the shortage will affect the Christmas deliveries.

However, the Business Department (BiS) announced that they have agreed to fund the HGV Driver Trailblazer Apprenticeship in England. This is great news for The Road Haulage Association (RHA) after their hard fought battle to try and get this apprenticeship up and running. According to RHA, Colin Snape comments that:

“In my experience, taking time to give new employees a proper, structured grounding rewards both the employer and the individual.”

The funding of these apprenticeships highlights Snape’s point exactly. Operators taking on apprentices aged 16-18 will be paid £900 and if the company is smaller than 50 employees an additional £500 will be paid!

For the individuals undergoing the apprenticeship, they will be given £3,000 (to cover licence cost) and will earn £500 if their apprenticeship is completed successfully.

This is a huge opportunity for young drivers to get behind the wheel and with a haulage career, drivers can earn up to £40,000! It seems this apprenticeship would be too good to pass up and is a great incentive to end the shortage of HGV drivers and opens up doors for young professionals.

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