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Captains Weekly Log: What is Operator CPC Training?

So, here at CPC Training head office, we have decided to keep you HGV Drivers up to date with all the new EU rules & regulations regarding CPC training which could affect you in your day to day job as an HGV driver.

Today’s subject is…

What is Operator CPC Training?

Operator CPC training covers all the necessary information, legislation and conditions required to run a transport business that arranges and dispatches LGVs for hire and reward purposes both in the UK and overseas.

Specifically aimed at transport managers and owner operators, Operator CPC training is entirely classroom based and takes an in-depth look at topics such as CMR, road safety and commercial law.

Do I need Operator CPC Training to run a Transport Business?

In order to obtain a standard operator’s licence, evidence must be submitted to show that at least one person within the company holds an accredited Certificate of Professional Competence in road haulage.

By completing and passing your chosen Operator CPC course, you’ll be able to satisfy this criteria and be on the road to receiving an operator’s licence.

What Operator CPC Training Courses are available to me? offer 2 options when it comes to Operator CPC.

  • Intensive Course – If you’re looking for a fast track method or you’re wanting to learn in a classroom based environment where you’ll meet like-minded students, our 9 day National and International Freight course covers everything you’ll need to know.

We send out course notes as soon as your course is booked and recommended you start reading through the notes and learning ahead of the course. The day after you’ve completed your course, you’ll sit your exams.

  • Home Study – If you’re strong on self-discipline or you can’t commit to a classroom based intensive course, we recommend our Home Study course which you can book with or without the final exams. Home Study course has been written and produced in line with the official OCR (the accrediting body) syllabus and contains a selection of self-assessment questions. In order to be awarded the qualification, you’ll need to sit and pass both exams: a multiple choice paper and a case study paper.


So businesses let’s get qualified correctly with the best level of training and get on with making our roads safe and sound , and MOST importantly running your business legally and above board . Phone us anytime for prices and help from one of our Trainers


Keep on truckin guys & girls


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