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Who are are part of a large group of HGV training and CPC training companies that deliver quality HGV & CPC training across the UK. Over the past 7 years we have been extremely successful in delivering what we consider to be the best HGV training, followed by industry leading CPC training – what ever your requirements.

What does Periodic CPC or Drivers CPC hours mean?

If you haven’t completed 35 hours’ Periodic Training and registered it with the DVSA by the 5 year deadline date indicated on your Driver Qualification Card, you won’t be able to legally earn money from driving Heavy Goods Vehicles.

If you hold an existing Cat C or C1 license and you are unsure about how to reactivate your entitlements since the 2014 periodic training deadline, don’t worry – our Training Advisors can advise the best course of action to get you back on the road.

What happens at the end of the 5 year period?

Another 5 year periodic CPC training cycle begins. This pattern will continue for the rest of your professional driving career.

Who needs Periodic CPC?

If you are being paid to drive goods vehicles, then YOU need periodic CPC. Call on 0808 168 7922 or obtain a quote here.

What is involved in completing Drivers CPC hours? offer many different courses covering a wide range of interesting subjects to complete your 35 hours of periodc drivers CPC, such as;

  • Tachographs – analogue & digital.
  • Drivers hours.
  • Health & safety.
  • First aid.
  • Manual handling.
  • SAFED.
  • Many more…

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How much do Drivers CPC hours Cost?

The cost of the Drivers CPC hours varies across the UK, please call us on 0808 168 7922, email us on or obtain a quote here.

Why do we have Periodic CPC Training?

  • Drivers periodic CPC was introduced to ensure drivers of goods vehicles are competent in all parts of their job, during an HGV driving course you are not taught how to secure loads, maintain the security of the goods you are carrying or check for illegal immigrants, you are also not instructed on working time directives. The CPC training covers all of the above and more.
  • The CPC training ensures HGV & PSV drivers are trained to a high standard, not just for driving but all aspects of being a professional road user. Making travelling on our roads safer for everyone.
  • This training is ongoing throughout professional drivers careers, so all drivers of goods vehicles should be up to date with road rules and regulations.

When did the Drivers CPC start?

The Drivers CPC came into affect in September 2009. As previously mentioned drivers who passed their car test after January 1997 or goods drivers who passed their HGV or PSV test after 2009 need to take modules 2 & 4 of the Drivers CPC.

What do you receive when you complete your Drivers CPC hours?

You will have your drivers qualification card, which will have the hours loaded on to it, enabling you or your employer to check the hours are complete and up to what date. also provides certificates of completion for all periodic CPC training courses, which you can add to your CV or portfolio.

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