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Captains Log – Weekly CPC Blog – Week 2

So, here at CPC Training head office we have decided to keep you HGV Drivers up to date with all the new EU rules & regulations regarding CPC training which could affect you in your day to day job as an HGV driver.

This week’s subject is…

Grandfather Rights?!

Any Driver who passed there test before 1997 has something that we call grandfather rights at, it sounds worse that it is in fact it’s actually a plus. What it means is you automatically receive the right to drive 7.5 tone vehicles on your driving license (I’m part of the grandfather crew too)

All you need to do in order to use this license and work for financial gain in the HGV industry is your 35 hours CPC periodic training. Its 5 days in a classroom purely attendance based so no pass or fail which is great for me as I’m terrible at tests. It’s also a great way to meet new and old ( no pun intended ) drivers on this course and share stories of new jobs , concerns and anything about the industry they might know it’s a massive help and quite a sociable event .

At we provide 45 Drivers CPC approved locations which are all very competitive on price and like I said a great way to meet people in the industry .So even if you’re looking for a new career or fancy some part time work and want to take advantage of your grandfather right’s it’s a cheap and easy way to obtain work.

So being a bit older has its his advantage’s you can find all this information on our website and call us for prices, availability and locations. We are more than happy to help and advise you on anything and everything to do with the HGV industry and CPC training

If you our bored of your current job , bored of daytime TV and retired a few years ago driving is an easy and stress-free industry to get in to and well paid , you the radio and fresh air

Rock on Granddads it’s good to be cool !!!

Call on 0808 168 7922 or request a quote

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