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Driver CPC Training for Business

Driver CPC Training for Businesses & Companies

It is often overlooked just how much a Driver CPC qualification can impact a business.

Did you know, for example, that if you allow an employee to drive a company vehicle without the correct CPC Qualification that the company are just as liable as the driver themselves?

In fact, should a driver be found to not have the correct qualification, to the knowledge of the company or not, the company could find themselves with hefty fines and even run the risk of having their Operators’ licence suspended by the Traffic Commissioner.

Now that the deadline for Periodic CPC Training has passed it is even more important that you check your driver’s qualifications and if you find that any of them are not correctly CPC qualified take them off the road and have them complete the training straight away.

Periodic CPC training is mandatory for all drivers however it is a benefit to have their employers organise it on their behalf. This is a luxury that not everyone has and by offering this you show yourselves as a more considerate employer who is invested in their drivers. A business showing these qualities will reap the rewards as their drivers will in turn be more dedicated to the company which results in lower staff turnover and higher staff morale.

At we appreciate that it is disruptive and expensive to get all drivers qualified, that’s why we off flexible training at a reasonable price which we can tailor around you and your drivers. How the training is completed is completely down to you.

-We could come to your premises and hold training dedicated to your staff

-You could book several staff at once to attend our courses in a location suitable to you

-We could alternate drivers so that you don’t have more than 1 staff member away from the company at time.

Just let us know what suits you best and we will work around that. At the end of the day we want to make this process as painless as possible.

There are so many possibilities so just call on 0808 168 7922 and speak to one of our Training Advisors about what you need, or read our Blog to find out more.

Quick compliance guide- Driver CPC 

As it is so important to stay compliant with the Driver CPC legislation we recommend putting some small regular checks in place to assist you with keeping on top of it:

  • Annual Driver CPC hours checks – Once a year go through all current driver’s details and check how many hours they have and how many they still need. This will avoid any risk of getting to the final year and discovering all your drivers still need all their hours
  • Split the training into manageable chunks – Rather than sending a driver out for 5 days straight why not send each driver out for 1 day per year. 1 day CPC training will gain each of them 7 hours training and mean that after 5 years they are compliant with minimal disruption.
  • If splitting up is more disruptive try group training – Perhaps it would be more effective to send all drivers to a Saturday CPC training course together rather than having them away in the week. could even organise someone to come to your yard!
  • Driver Qualification Cards – Rather than trying to get hold of the drivers why not get a copy of each drivers Driver Qualification Card. This way you will know the dates all drivers need their CPC periodic training completed without having to check with them.

Although drivers who are not compliant represent a high risk to your business, each driver takes a personal risk of losing their licence and being fined if they are not compliant. We recommend you encourage your drivers to do the following:

  • Become familiar with the CPC ruling – The best way for your drivers to help themselves is to know what they need. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the Driver CPC, which qualification is needed and when they need to be done, getting their heads round what they need is the best way for your drivers to ensure they are complaint. If they are not sure they can call one of our highly trained team to assist them.
  • Check their hours online – Ask each employee to keep an eye on their own hours online. They will need to register online and receive a password to do this but this is very easy to set up. Simply follow the link to check the hours –
  • Keep their important documents with them – Having completed the Driver CPC Periodic training hours is not enough, drivers also need to make sure they are carrying their Drivers Qualification Card at all times otherwise they can receive an on the spot fine just for not carrying it let alone the fines if it turns out they are not fully CPC qualified.

As you can see there are so many simple ways to make sure that your drivers have the correct Driver CPC completed and that they are constantly updating their qualification to stay legal on the roads. There are no excuses if any of your drivers are caught without an up to date Driver CPC qualification, claiming ignorance is not an option so take the time to get yourself updated with all the current laws and legislation and then make sure your drivers are doing the same!

Although this Driver CPC legislation may seem tedious it is extremely important as it is a very simple way of making sure that we only have drivers of these large vehicles on the road who are fully competent, know the rules of the road, the health and safety and the dangerous involved in driving. It means that the general public can rest assured that no drivers are following out of date rulings or are unclear on the general rules of the road.

If you have any questions on the Driver CPC or you think any of your drivers might need to update their qualification please call 0808 168 7922 and speak to one of our training advisors about what you need to do next. Or, enquire with us today and we’ll call you back!


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